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Widely used in plastic, papermaking, rubber, ceramic, painting, space flight and chemical industry, WPC and other composite material.

About Aote

Jiangxi Aote Technology (Group) Co., Ltd is a China famous functional non-metallic mineral powder manufacturer.

Jiangxi Aote Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.

Jiangxi Aote Technology (Group) Co., Ltd.is a large enterprise that engages in producing wollastonite, argil and calcium carbonate. Its subsidiaries include Jiangxi H&J Mineral Fiber Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Aote Fine Powder Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Huajie Special Mining Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Shanggao Xuecai Building Materials Factory. Mine and processing zone are separately located in Yueguangshan Mining Area and Shanggao Science and Technology Industrial Park in Mengshan Town, Shanggao County, Yichun City, Jiangsi. The company has strong technical force and it is a group company...

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